Botanique Plant Pot

A Simple and Minimalistic Vase

New Modern Collection

From $106

Price refers to Ø15cm Plant Pot in Grey

Indoor Display; Minimalistic Vase


The Botanique series comprises of a range of sizes, each vase has a unique look with different nuances and details. The vase is elevated by its black steel foot, creating a light and uplifting look. An eye-catching plant would complement the vase’s volume.


Available in 6 Sizes


Botanique plant pot XS Tall – Ø15 x H23 cm

Botanique plant pot XS Wide – Ø20 x H17 cm

Botanique plant pot S Tall – Ø22.4 x H28 cm

Botanique plant pot S Wide – Ø34.8 x H21 cm

Botanique plant pot L Tall – Ø32 x H68 cm

Botanique plant pot L Wide – Ø49 x H55 cm

Available in grey ceramics or black ceramics


Danish Design studio Granstudio believe in making affordable designs that are unique and interesting. They always attempt to make their creations a little more special with special details – either for function or to make your day.

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Bolia is Scandinavian furniture company that prides itself in creating contemporary designer furniture pieces made with quality craftsmanship and honest raw materials that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Bolia at Danish Design Co Singapore

Bolia offers a 5-year warranty on all their furniture, which covers defects in function, manufacturing, or materials, but excludes the product’s surface. The warranty is valid on items purchased for non-commercial use only, starting from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover defects caused by general wear and tear, improper usage and product care, or accidental damage. Danish Design Co supports any final decisions made by Bolia on any warranty claims.

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