AK2510 Coffee Table

A Paragon of Scandinavian Luxury

Collection Includes Coffee Tables Of Varying Heights & Shapes; Pointed Legs


The Point/ AK2510 Coffee Table Series by Naver Collection features a range of lightweight and elegant coffee tables. These coffee tables, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, can be used as a standalone of be paired with the other Point tables in the series. Nearly everything about this series is customisable and this includes the table tops. Aside from a solid wooden top, they are available in the following colours: Anthracite, burnt orange, white, lavender blue, sahara and cubana. The coffee table legs can also be topped off with a steel jacket or left natural – it’s your choice!


The AK2510 Coffee Table, as well as the other models in the series (click on the specifications tabs to view them all!), pair well with other mid-century pieces like the designs from the House of Finn Juhl Collection.


Naver Collection

The AK2510 Coffee Table series is just one of the many stunning collections by Naver Collection. This is a luxury furniture brand that aims for true aesthetics. When you shop with Naver Collection, you can be assured of the design’s quality and durability.


Safety & Warranty Information

Naver Collection offers 24 months of warranty for each piece of design that emerges from their workshop.


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When it comes to furniture shopping, we highly recommend our customers to explore all the options before making a decision. It is, after all, a piece of furniture that will stay with you for the years to come. Head on over to our Coffee & Side Table collection to see what else we have on offer!

AK2510 Coffee Table Infographic



Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are the designers behind most of the exquisite designs at Naver Collection. The AK2510- AK2582 Coffee Table series is just one of their many creative successes.