Insula Coffee Table

A Paragon of Scandinavian Luxury

Available in 3 sizes; Versatile


The Insula Coffee Table is one of Erik Jorgesen’s most popular designs. This coffee table is characterised by its soft and asymmetrical shape, a rare sight in the furniture world. This fancy piece of work is available at three sizes and heights, ensuring that it can fit in almost every interior. While the Insula Coffee Table works well alone, it can also be paired with other designs. The largest model of the Insula is also available in Oak, which adds a touch of warmth to all interiors fortunate enough to have it.


The Insula Coffee Table Collection is rather versatile and can fit in a wide variety of settings, including but not limited to private homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. It pairs well with the Delphi Sofa, which is another iconic sofa design under the Erik Jorgensen brand.


Erik Jorgensen

Erik Jorgensen is a family-owned company that is well known for their exquisite upholstery. They place a great emphasis on quality craftsmanship and premium materials. Today, the company is run by Erik Jorgensen’s sons, Niels and Ole Jørgensen.


Safety & Warranty Information

With the amount of effort that goes into each Erik Jorgensen piece, it is no wonder that they are able to offer their valued patrons a 5 year warranty on all of their designer furniture.


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Frame: Black Aluminium
Table Top: Black Aluminium


L76cm x W72cm x H30cm
L98cm x W95cm x H34cm
L121cm x W118cm x H38cm



Ernst & Jensen are famous for their ability to create numerous furniture designs with organic shapes. In recent years, they have contributed much of their work to the Danish furniture industry.