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The Beetle Collection, which includes the Lounge Chair edition, has enjoyed immense popularity since its introduction a few years ago. Like its namesake, it boasts a hard exterior but soft interior. The beetle’s characteristic traits, such as its shape, shell and sutures, have been replicated in the chair’s design, giving rise to a unique design that instantly enraptures an onlooker.


To aid intrigued homeowners in their home furnishing efforts, the Beetle Lounge Chair can be upholstered in a myriad of hues and prints. This ensures that they will be able to find exactly what their hearts’ desire.


Alongside the Beetle Lounge Chair, the Beetle Collection includes a series of dining chairs with various upholstery options and bases, and bar stools. If you’re wondering what to pair a Beetle Lounge Chair with, then we recommend the equally luxurious TS Coffee Table.



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W62cm x D78cm x H76cm

Legs: Antique Brass, Black Chrome, Brass Semi Matt, Chrome, Black Matt
Seat Upholstery: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric and Premium Leather



The Beetle Chair began with the dining chair edition and it was first presented at the annual Mindcraft12 exhibition in Milan. It was organised by Danish Crafts and designed by the up and coming design duo Gamfratesi.



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