Chieftain Lounge Chair

A Symphony in Scandinavian Design

2012 Danish Design Award, Classic; Iconic Design steeped in history


The Chieftain Lounge Chair and its designer, Finn Juhl both need no introduction. Hailed by many as a founding father of Modern Danish design, the creation of the Chieftain Lounge Chair in 1949 was undeniably the peak of Finn Juhl’s career. Even today, the Chieftain Lounge Chair remains as one of the iconic and important exponents of the Danish Modern movement in the US during the 1950s.


The Chieftain Lounge Chair showcases organic shapes, a contrast from the strict functionalism that traditional Danish design was principled after. This masterpiece paved the way for designers in the 50s, showing that attention to quality, global standards, and being unafraid to step out of traditional norms can truly create a difference in the world of furniture design. This Lounge Chair is rather extravagant in size, and its leather upholstery provides the chair an air of importance, alike to the authority held of a chief.


Finn Juhl also designed the Eye Coffee Table, a gorgeous side table made of either oak, teak or walnut. We believe that the Eye Coffee is an excellent complement to the distinguished Chieftain Lounge Chair.


House of Finn Juhl

The House of Finn Juhl holds exclusive rights to manufacture, relaunch and retail the late illustrious Danish designer Finn Juhl’s many iconic designs.


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The House of Finn Juhl grants a 2 year warranty on all their products. This warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects.


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W 100cm x D 88cm x H 92.5cm
Frame: Teak, Walnut
Upholstery: Leather



The late Finn Juhl was credited by many as a founding father of Danish Modern design. He was known to be someone who defied the norm and constantly pushed forth with his artistic vision, frequently inspired by shapes that defy gravity and create visual lightness.



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