Luxury Redefined - Scandinavian Rugs


Elevate your home to the next level with Danish Design Co’s authentic and exquisitely designed rugs. Visit our showroom in Singapore!

Designer Rugs

At Danish Design Co. Singapore, our designer rugs will be a great addition of homey, intimate and inviting comfort to any negative space in the room. We carry a vast range of choices. These range from beautiful intricately-patterned rugs to handwoven monochromes by our skilled craftsmen. There’s no doubt our timeless yet elegant array of floor fillers work well in styling up your interiors! Indulge yourself in the delicate softness our feet-pampering Scandinavian rugs bring – exclusively here in our Singapore showroom.


Exclusive Rug Brands

While a fair number of our brands carry rugs, the brand that trumps them all is Limited Edition. Limited Edition’s rugs are 100% Belgian and are the result of days of painstaking manual work. If you’re looking for a rug that feels luxurious beneath your feet, then we most definitely recommend Limited Edition.   


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