Metris Outdoor Dining Table

A Modern Dining Experience

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Available in two colours, 3 heights and 4 sizes, the classic Metris Outdoor Dining Table comes in powder-coated aluminium with a linear pattern on its table top made out of aluminium slats. These tables are durable, stackable and easy-to-maintain.


The Metris Outdoor Dining Table is a minimalist beauty, versatile enough for any poolside or balcony. Create the perfect outdoor lounging area with the Metris Collection. Start with the beautiful Metris Outdoor Dining Table and work your way to the Metris Outdoor Lounger and Metris Outdoor Armchair. You may also be interested in the Metris Coffee Tables and the series’ bar furniture.



Shop with Diphano and you can be rest assured that you have got the best in the designer outdoor furniture industry.


Safety & Warranty Information

Diphano offers 12 months of warranty for the purchase of their designer outdoor furniture.


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The Diphano Design Team doesn’t just focus on making sure you are comfortable in their furniture. They also ensure that it suits the lifestyle needs of modern households worldwide, including yours.