Selecta Outdoor Beach Chair

Luxurious Designs For Your Balcony

Optional Teak Armrest; Stackable and Waterproof


Due to the materials chosen to craft the Selecta Outdoor Beach Chair, this classic outdoor beach chair is one of the designs that requires the least maintenance over time. The Selecta Outdoor Beach Chair is perfect for placing by the pool or the balcony, with an adjustable backrest so you can lay down and get that gorgeous even tan or even just take a lazy, warm and definitely well-deserved afternoon nap.


This collection also includes the Selecta Outdoor Dining Table, Selecta Extendable Outdoor Dining Table, Selecta Outdoor Dining Chair, Selecta Bistro Table and the Selecta Lounge Chair.



Diphano is well known for creating practical outdoor furnishing solutions that allow avenue for personalisation for their customers.


Safety & Warranty Information

Diphano offers 12 months of warranty for the purchase of their designer outdoor furniture.


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This is just one of the many Outdoor beach and lounge chairs that are available at Danish Design Co. Explore the plethora of design options we have on offer in our Outdoor Dining Table Collection.



The Selecta Outdoor Beach Chair is, undoubtedly, one of the masterpieces of the Diphano Design Team. This talented team aims to create functional and classic outdoor furniture designs that will surely last a long while.