Outdoor Loungers

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Outdoor Loungers

Bask under the Singapore sunshine with our luxury outdoor loungers – designed to be weather-proof, durable and so much more. Visit our furniture showroom today!


Outdoor Loungers

If you find outdoor lounge chairs and sofas a bit too limiting when it comes to the outdoor lounging experience, then perhaps the ideal outdoor furniture set for you include an outdoor lounger. The main perk of outdoor loungers is that you get to be fully horizontal, which is perfect for those who are thinking of getting more tanned. These loungers, on top of the reliable Singapore sun, will make your lazy afternoon days as perfect as they can be. Furthermore, they are incredibly durable and able to last for years to come. This is especially important for outdoor furniture, which is exposed to terrible weather every now and then.   


Out outdoor loungers are also pretty functional! For example, the Alexa Outdoor Lounger can be folded. This means that you can easily put these loungers away and open up the space to more guests during parties. Best of all, the Alexa Outdoor Lounger is available is seven fetching colours, which means you will most definitely find the perfect shade that will compliment your outdoor area, whether it includes a swimming pool or not. The Alexa Outdoor Lounger is designed by Diphano, one of our top outdoor furniture brands!

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