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Price refers to a 70 x 50 cm Outdoor Rug

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The Rakel Outdoor Rugs are woven at a local weaving mill in Sweden, each piece representing a piece of Swedish craftsmanship and high-quality materials, resulting in a durable, contemporary, and fashionable design that is the pride of Pappelina. Each Pappelina Outdoor Rug is reversible, giving you 2 designs in 1 – each of them perfect for an outdoor setting due to its water-resistant material and easy maintenance, or for dining areas indoors, or homes with pets.


Make the with this splendid outdoor rug with our exclusive Outdoor SofasOutdoor Lounge Chair, Outdoor Coffee Tables and Side Tables, Outdoor Dining Table, and Outdoor Dining Chair collections for an absolutely comfortable and unique outdoor space.

Dimension options:
70 x 50 CM  I 
70 x 150 CM  I  70 x 225 CM  I  70 x 300 CM  I  70 x 375 CM  I  70 x 450 CM


Measurements may vary ±4% as a result of the various craft processes during manufacturing.

Colours Available: 

Blush, Warm Grey, Dark Blue, Beige, Granit



Lina Rickardsson is a Swedish-born designer with a passion for the weaving industry and the founder of the Pappelina. She discovered and experimented with plastic materials with new weaving techniques that resulted in a one-of-a-kind plastic rug that is to become Pappelina. Her weaving signatures are now in all Pappelina rugs and have since gone on to win multiple awards.

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Lina Rickardsson


Pappelina was created to be devoted to creating a world-leading collection of exclusive plastic rugs. Over the years, they have refined its production process while maintaining the beauty of a human touch – Focusing on developing new colours and patterns, each Pappelina rug is proudly made in Sweden with passion, tradition and craftsmanship. Pappelina has since gone expanded to creating beautiful fabric products, but their rugs have remained as their roots and most popular product. 

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Pappelina provides a 3-year warranty on all their rugs, which covers manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover defects caused by general wear and tear, improper usage and handling, improper product care, or accidental damage. Slight variations in colour or dimensions in the woven rugs are not considered defects. Danish Design Co supports any final decisions made by Pappelina on any warranty claims.

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