Sunset Outdoor Modular Sofa

Modern Designs For Your Patio

Movable Backrests; Fun and Contemporary Design


The Sunset Outdoor Modular Sofa is truly a dynamic outdoor furniture set for your patio or balcony. Featuring movable arm and backrests that can be secured with hook-and-loop fasteners, this sectional anti-slip and waterproof sofa set allows for infinite customisation. The Sunset Outdoor Modular Sofa is perfect for families with young children and you now have no worries for spillage and can make space for any baby seats with these movable back and armrests!



Diphano aims to bring the indoor outdoors. Their goal is to create outdoor furniture that can complement your interior while retaining its durability.


Safety & Warranty Information

Diphano offers 12 months of warranty for the purchase of their outdoor furniture designs.


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Singapore’s weather is fortunately summer all year round and one could always get some vitamin D basking in the glorious sunshine. Create an outdoor space you’d love for those lazy afternoons or outdoor barbeque parties with our luxury outdoor furniture here!

Diphano Sunset Outdoor Modular Sofa Infosheet

Seat Fabric: Silver or Seal Brown
Backrest/stool Fabric: Greige or Chestnut




The talented Diphano Design Team consists of a group of designers who aim to bring you the best outdoor furniture possible. All Diphano products are known to be durable and of the highest quality.