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Croissant Sofa – Upholstered in Chamois Leather

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D88 x W230 x H67 cm

Sitting Height: 46 cm

Weight: 61 kg


Wikkelsø believed that furniture should be built to last, to indulge the body and to please the eye. He worked with clean lines, but also had a strong sense of organic expression. His deep understanding of form was coupled with a commitment to exemplary levels of functionality and ergonomics. Having studied under the ‘father of modern Danish design’, Kaare Klint, Wikkelsø always focused on sublime craftsmanship and attention to detail, but also had both the courage and ability to develop his own innovative style.

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Gubi Design Team


Design company Gubi searches for beauty and raw design genius in unchartered territories. They aim to provide you with high quality, contemporary furniture designs that evolve with time and allow you to enjoy the luxuries of life.

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