Haiku Sofa

Scandinavian Luxury Redefined

Great for large spaces


Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry where the few simple lines reveal so much in a profound way. The Haiku Sofa adapts the simplicity of the art that it was named after but expresses a lot more within its simple and clean lines. This designer sofa has a protective encompassing outer shell combined with a softer interior, and the differences in fabric used for the outer and inner layers presents a soft juxtaposition that gives the sofa a modern twist. The Haiku sits on delicate metal legs that gives it a floaty and light appearance, looking as if it is hovering above the floor.


This high-backed Haiku is a great furniture piece for larger spaces such as hotel lobbies, executive offices or private homes as the higher back support introduces a little intimate privacy. The Haiku collection also includes the Haiku Low Sofa, the version with a lower back that would suit smaller private homes and more intimate interior settings. A great lounge chair that accompanies the Haiku is our best-selling iconic Spanish Lounge Chair, a solid wood and saddle leather rustic combination that only becomes more stunning with time.


The Haiku comes in 2 different sizes: 2 seater sofa and 3 seater sofa.



Fredericia is a Danish design house that aim to create a collection furniture that will become the modern originals of tomorrow. As such, exceptional level of design, attention to detail and the selection of materials are the guiding principles to a Fredericia creation.


Safety & Warranty Information

Fredericia has a 5 year warranty against all material and construction defects and you can be sure every furniture piece you receive is an exceptional one.


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High Back
2-seater: W156cm x D88cm x H104cm
3-seater: W156cm x D88cm x H104cm


Low Back
2-seater: W156cm x D88cm x H76.5cm
3-seater: W156cm x D88cm x H76.5cm


Sofa Cover: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



Award-winning Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi are rising superstars in the furniture design field. Their creations are inspired from classic Danish and intellectual Italian influences, melded with modern creativity that features subtle individual flair.



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