Playground Sofa

A Scandinavian Sofa - Luxury Redefined

Engineering Marvel; Sofa’s Back blocks are flexible


The Playground Sofa is without doubt, an engineering marvel. It is created to fulfill the purposes of both a sofa and a daybed. However, there’s more to this piece of design. The back blocks are mobile and flexible, ensuring that multiple configurations are possible. In addition, these blocks are nearly weightless, enabling smaller individuals like children to move them.


Eilersen has layered the bottom of these back blocks with non-slip material. This ensures that they will stay in place no matter where you put them, including the floor. The Playground Sofa’s back block system has been patented by Eilersen. Plush pillows can be added to the package if a customer is keen on additional accessories.


The Playground Sofa is available as a 2-seater and 3-seater. Scandinavian designs that pair well with the Playground Sofa include the Plateau Coffee Table by dk3.



Eilersen sofas have fantastic quality and design. This is enabled by the use of the highest grade of materials, including down feather for the cushions and solid wood for the frame. The covers of all Eilersen sofas are removable. This eases the maintenance process. Eilersen sofas possess incredible comfort and durability.


Safety & Warranty Information

Eilersen offers a 5 year warranty to their patrons. This covers the frame, spring and cushion fillings. Materials used to construct this Scandinavian sofa are non-toxic and safe.


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Playground Sofa Infosheet

Sofa: Solid Pine Wood, Duck Down & More

Sofa Cover: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



The Playground Sofa is designed by Jens Juul Eilersen, who is the head designer for a majority of the sofas in Eilersen.



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