Cocoon Sofa

The Epitome of Scandinavian Design

Available in Fabric & Leather; Deeper Lounging Experience


The Cocoon Sofa is inspired by the pupa phase of the silkworm. It encompasses both individualism and diversity – two aspects that are either one or another, seldom together and rarely heard of. This designer sofa, however, breaks away from that norm. It is a careful union of both personalisation and variety. Treat the Cocoon as a personal playground, here is a concoction of fun and style, quality and quantity.


The sofa comes with triangular cushions, lambar bolsers, main cushions, armrests, neck bolsters, you name it. What this does is that it invites creativity. Here you have the option to choose from a range of fabric designs and customise each cushion that comes with the Scandinavian sofa. In fact, we would say that a truly unique Cocoon has every variety of cushions with it.


Of course, an Eilersen sofa no matter how customisable, never compromises on quality. The Cocoon’s high back and seat grants support on every angle, ensuring you will be getting the maximum comfort a sofa can provide.


This sofa pairs well with the Wheel Footstool, the Orb Pendant Lamp and the Club Rug.


The modular Cocoon is available in the following configurations: 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa and above and L shaped sofa.



Besides being internationally renowned for their top notch quality and designs, Eilersen sofas are known to be highly customisable. This is thanks to its modular design, which allows homeowners to mix and match the units their heart’s desire. All Eilersen sofa covers are removable.


Safety & Warranty Information

We offer a 5 year guarantee to cover frame, spring and cushion fillings. Materials used to craft this Scandinavian Sofa are non-toxic and safe.


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Cocoon Sofa Infosheet

Sofa: Solid Pine Wood, Duck Down & More
Sofa Cover: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



The Cocoon Sofa is designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Eilersen.



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