Cosima Sofa

A New Modern Sofa

Available in Fabric & Leather; Endless Customisation Options 


Inviting, flexible and soft. Does that sound like the perfect living room sofa for you? Design duo KaschKasch, based in Cologne, has fashioned this designer sofa based on two principles: Its comfortable and soft quality (you will be tempted to throw yourself onto it) and the ability to combine a limited number of modules in a variety of ways. The armrest or square back is also the ideal width for resting your drinks, coffee, tray of snacks or laptop on.


The Cosima Sofa range offers seven modules and various fabric and leather material options that can be combined in a multitude of ways or simply stand alone. It is that perfect; simply click on the customize button to explore its full possibilities!


The modular Cosima Sofa is available in the following configurations: 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater & above, L-shaped sofa. It pairs immeasurably well with the Vitro Coffee Table.



Bolia is an up and coming designer furniture company that is on a neverending mission to discover great designs. Their products have a contemporary edge to them and are perfect for the modern family. Each design is highly customisable so it is almost impossible to not find what you desire for your interior furnishings.


Safety & Warranty Information

Each piece of Bolia has been vigorously tested. They adhere to the stringent EU REACH standards, which means it is safe for use and manufactured using sustainable processes. Bolia proudly presents a 5-year warranty.


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The Cosima Sofa is brilliant, sure. But if it doesn’t quite meet all your requirements, don’t stop looking! We have an immense Sofa Collection for you to indulge in and an equally fascinating Living Room Collection for you to explore.


Available in fabric & leather


Cornerunit (small): W120cm x D120cm x H65cm

Cornerunit (large): W150cm x D120cm x H65cm

Backunit (small): W90cm x D120cm x H65cm

Backunit (large): W120cm x D120cm x H65cm

2 units (small corner): W240cm x D120cm x H65cm

2 units (big corner): W300cm x D120cm x H65cm

Chaise lounge: W120cm x D150cm x H65cm


Available in various other configurations.



For the Kaschkasch design duo, good design is when it feels like it's never been any different. They have adopted a no-frills policy for all their designs, allowing them to create simple and uncomplicated designs like the Cosima Sofa.



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