Dacapo Sofa

A Scandinavian Sofa - Luxury Redefined

Available in Fabric & Leather; Deep Lounging Experience


As with many of Eilersen’s sofas, the Dacapo Sofa boasts an extensive range of customisable options to provide you that added flexibility when it comes to choosing your perfect sofa. Decide from an overwhelming selection of armrests ranging from 20 to 40 cm, cushions and stools to pair it with.


With an added depth of 105cm, worry not about having to squeeze around during a gathering. Being the embodiment of opulence and grandeur, Dacapo is a sofa meant to float – meaning that it is best demonstrated when placed away from a wall, rather than against it. This not only helps to best showcase its luxury, but also easily creates a room within a room. The sofa also prides itself in Eilersen’s much renowned down-top seat where its down-wrapped foam core guarantees the enjoyment of springiness and comfort with every sit.


What makes the Dacapo especially favourable is however, its ease of maintenance without the need for tools. Simply pull a strap in the seat to disassemble the sections and remove the cover off like a bag. Talk about minimal effort! This additionally allows you to customise the look of your sofa by adjusting the colour according to fashion, interior decor, season or personal taste. You only have to change the cover.

Eilersen has created a sofa that is against the flow of time, a sofa that remains forever young.


This sofa pairs well with the Island Coffee Table and the TR7 Floor Lamp.


Dacapo is available in the following configurations: 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa and above and L shaped sofa.



Ever timeless. Such are the sofas by Eilersen. The Eilersen name is internationally renowned to be synonymous with unprecedented quality and marvelous design, while still being functional and long lasting. The brand prides itself in the utmost comfort their sofa provides. All Eilersen sofa covers are removable.


Safety & Warranty Information

We offer a 5 year guarantee to cover frame, spring and cushion fillings. Materials used to craft this Scandinavian Sofa are non-toxic and safe.


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Dacapo Sofa Infosheet

Sofa: Solid Pine Wood, Duck Down & More
Sofa Cover: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



The Dacapo Sofa was designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Eilersen.



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