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Sofa Bed

Danish Design Co, a Singapore furniture hub, is well known for their simple, but exquisitely comfortable sofa beds. They are of the high quality and made in Europe.


The Sofa Beds of Danish Design Co

Transform your luxurious Scandinavian sofa into an exquisitely cozy bed in just a matter of seconds! Our sofa beds save precious living room space without compromising on the luxury and quality that Scandinavian sofas are best known for. This makes our sofa beds perfect for tight spaces and space savvy homeowners, especially in Singapore!


Head on down to our furniture showroom in Singapore to experience our sofa beds for yourself firsthand. We can assure you that you’d be in awe!


Sofa Beds from the New Modern Collection

Although there are plenty of sofas that are excellent for lounging and napping within the Iconic Collection, there are, unfortunately, no sofa beds within this collection. In the New Modern Collection, however, we have a few models that you should most definitely check one. One of these is the Fluffy Sofa Bed, which is Bolia’s most popular sofa bed…and for good reason too!


The Fluffy Sofa Bed boasts a hassle-free extension system that reveals the bed with a, essentially, a single pull. The mattress is a queen-sized and can accomodate two individuals comfortably. This is especially useful when you have multiple guests over. However, if you are a bachelor (or bachelorette) with a compact pad, we would recommend the single-seater sofa bed version. The mattress that rolls out is, as its name suggests, is a single.


What makes the Fluffy Sofa Bed a particularly interesting design is that, upon first glance, it does not look like a sofa bed in the least. This means that, when left closed, the sofa bed will not compromise the look of the entire living room or guest room.


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