Compile Shelving Unit

Customisable, Modern & Stunning Storage System

Plethora of colour options; Multiple compartments


As its name suggests, the compile shelving unit lets you organize all your books and personal belongings in the way that you want to. Available in a plethora of colours and multiple compartments, this modern shelving unit would be a good chance to show off your personal taste.



Montana Furniture is a Danish family-owned company based in Haarby on the island of Funen. Montana offers opportunities to decorate your own living rooms with your personal touch.


Safety & Warranty Information

All purchased Montana shelving units come with a 10 year warranty. All units have to be correctly mounted and used under typical circumstances.


Discover More Designs

Do you not fancy the Compile Shelving Unit? There is little need to fret as we have a variety of options for you in our Storage Collection!

W69.6cm X D30cm X H69.6cm


Available in Nordic, Green tea, New White, Lounge, Coffee, Anthracite, Zen Red, Peppermint, Montparnasse, Graphic



Peter J. Lassen is known to create simple and functional designs that have grown to become design classics. He is also a member of the board for Montana and takes an active role in marketing and product development.


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