AK 1300 Sideboard

An Exemplar of Scandinavian Design, Perfected

Traditional Feel; Tambour doors; Perfect as a Room Divider


The AK 1300 Sideboard, designed by Soren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl, is no ordinary sideboard. It comes with exquisite detailing that is reminiscent of iconic designs from the 1950s. Oval-shaped and low to the ground, it is ideal as a room divider. The most notable feature of this beautiful sideboard, however, has to be its tambour doors. No matter your interior design setting, the AK 1300 Sideboard will assuredly blend in.


Naver Collection

Founded in 1995, they have always pursued their desire to create and complete up-to-date furniture collection with respect for the traditional cabinet maker handcraft. They are extremely selective of the raw materials used when creating their wooden furniture. A furniture piece from Naver Collection has a reputation for being long lasting and innovative in design.


Safety & Warranty Information

Naver Collection proudly provides 2 years of safety and warranty for all their exclusive furniture. This warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects.


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L 200cm X W 53cm X H 78cm



Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are the masterminds behind a majority of the designs in Naver Collection. They aim to bring true aesthetics to your living space.