AK 2630-2660 Sideboard

An Exemplar of Scandinavian Design, Perfected



The AK 2630-2660 Sideboard designed by the legendary Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl is a multipurpose sideboard that serves in various ways. This modern Scandinavian sideboard has storage space and even better? Food can be served directly on the sideboard and your drink glasses can be kept away from the dining table so you never worry about the stains! This classic sideboard can easily adapt to any interior design setting, including yours.


Naver Collection

Founded in 1995, they have always pursued their desire to create and complete up-to-date furniture collection with respect for the traditional cabinet maker methods.


Safety & Warranty Information

Naver Collection proudly provides 2 years of safety and warranty for all their exclusive furniture.


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AK 2630: L160cm X W50cm X H77cm
AK 2660: L210cm X W50cm X H77cm
Available in Ash, Oak and Walnut



Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are the masterminds behind a majority of the designs in Naver Collection. They aim to bring true aesthetics to your living space.