#931 & #941 TV Console

A Media Unit With Modern Vibes

Utilised for Wall Hanging and Mounting Plates; Remote Signals Can Be Detected Through Remote Link; Abundance of Storage Space


The #931 & #941 TV Console is a unique creation by the Skovby design team for the Skovby 900 line. The Skovby #931 and #941 TV Console can be utilised for wall- hanging and mounting plates. Additionally a soundbar can be installed behind the middle flap in the #941 TV cabinet where cords can be led from room to room inside the cabinet. These TV consoles offer plenty of storage space to store your usual electronic AV appliances and a remote link so that your electronic devices and remotes can communicate with each other freely.



Skovby is a master in creating designer wooden furniture. They keep up with the times by reviewing the evolving needs of households worldwide.


Safety & Warranty Information

Skovby’s ingenious sideboards or storage furniture come with a limited 5 year warranty. This applies to fittings, extension rails and hinges.


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Model #931 : L 146cm X D 44cm X H 40cm

Model #941 : L 194cm X D 44cm X H 40cm
Available in Lacquered Oak, Soaped Oak with top in White, Oiled Oak, White Oiled Oak, Smoked Oak,

Lacquered Black, Oiled Walnut, Lacquered Walnut



The Skovby designer team stays relevant by continuously adapting their furniture to the needs of modern households all over the world.



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