Our Collection of Luxe Furniture


What is the Luxe Style?

The luxe style, as its name suggests, is a sophisticated style with a modern twist. For colours, there are a myriad of choices. The most popular ones, however, are monochrome, rich plum shades, burgundy reds and regal navys. For materials, you will be looking for furniture and accessories that are made from velvet, silky fabrics, glass and brass.

As for the furniture specifically, statement pieces are crucial. One such possibility is a dining table made out of marble. For lighting, you would consider models that incorporate materials like crystal and brass.


Luxe Living Room Furniture

For Luxe Living Room Furniture, we turn to Gubi, which boasts a wide range of designs that are simply perfect for homeowners who are seeking to create a luxe look of their own. Some quick examples are the Modern Line Sofa, which also has a Minimalist look to it. For lounge chairs, we would most definitely recommend the Swoon Lounge Chair, which is one of the popular designs by Fredericia.


Luxe Dining Room Furniture

The Luxe Dining Room, when furnished properly, can transform every meal into a fine dining experience. And you don’t even need a big space to do it! A popular combination by our valued patrons is the Gubi Dining Table and the Beetle Dining Chair. The Beetle Chair series is so popular that even some Singaporean stars have them in their homes!


Luxe Bedroom Furniture

A Luxe Bedroom surely cannot do without a DUXIANA bed, which holds more secrets than a lady’s handbag. The exclusive 8008 model, which is dressed in leather, is most definitely the best luxe bed the world can offer right now.


Luxe Lighting Solutions

For Luxe lighting solutions, we would most definitely recommend designs that are made out of brass. One such example is the Multi-Lite Pendant by Gubi. It is arguably the most popular pendant lamp design we have at our furniture store!

Think that such a style may not suit your taste? Our Minimalist Style offers just as exquisite the furniture, but with a subtler touch to it. You may also explore the other styles we offer.

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