In 1924, a Swedish chocolate maker, Efraim Ljung arrived in Chicago. He was meant to be on a business trip to the New World and had chosen a small, seemingly ordinary hotel in the Central area to stay in. The night he spent there lead to an awakening, in a double sense. After a night’s sleep that had surpassed any that he had previously experienced, Efraim asked himself, “How can a bed be so comfortable?”. He then spent the years that followed seeking the answer. And he found it – in DUX bed.


DUX was founded in 1926 and had set their sights on creating the world’s most comfortable beds. More than ninety years later, it has remained their singular, most critical goal. DUX’s beds are the culmination of advanced sleep research and technology, uniquely combined with traditional Swedish craftsmanship where attention to detail surpasses any other. At DUX, they take sleep seriously so that you can take it for granted.

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