Designs by Duxiana

Luxury Beds from Duxiana, a Renowned Swedish Brand

Duxiana at Danish Design Co Singapore


Duxiana is a Swedish Design Company known for their DUX beds, which are touted as one of the best beds in the world for innovation and immaculate design to help you sleep better.


Choose the Patented Pascal System: Customising Your Comfort for Each Body Zone

DUX offers premium beds bring customisable firmness and comfort brings this to a whole different level. The backcare luxury mattress is divided into six regions with the innovative Pascal® Personal Comfort Zone, which guarantees you a restful, sound sleep every night.


How It Works: The Pascal system allows you to customise the mattress firmness level according to different parts of your body: 1) Shoulders 2) Lower back 3) Legs


As these three body ‘zones’ require different levels of support, you can tailor the cassettes’ placements to provide the right support to each zone. Shop our DUX mattress collection now – each mattress provides unparalleled comfort. 


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