lina rickardsson

Lina Rickardsson


Lina Rickardsson is the designer behind Pappelina – one of the most successful interior brands to emerge from Sweden over the last 10 years. Born in Falun in 1970, she studied painting and weaving in Gothenburg, two disciplines that she frequently combines in her products.


After taking time out from studying to raise a family, Rickardsson used what little spare time she had to weave bespoke rugs. Initially adopting traditional methods, she then began to experiment with the jacquard loom and re-introduced plastic instead of linen and cotton as the primary weaving material. During the sixties plastic had been utilised in rug production but its popularity had since declined. Rickardsson was eager to include more plastic than previously in the production to make the rugs thicker and softer underfoot. It also meant that the new rugs no longer slipped or required a runner. By manufacturing on the jacquard loom it became possible to move away from regular linear designs and introduce free forms into her patterns. Form allied with function.


Like many good designers, Rickardsson uses her own taste as a benchmark for the Pappelina designs. Colourful and uncomplicated, the patterns visually complement the multi-functionality of her durable, reversible and washable rugs.


Products by Lina Rickardsson

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