July 2018: Designer Furniture News From Near And Far

Designer Chair - Danish Design Co Singapore

July 25, 2018

We apologize for not posting in June. Akin to fasting, which rollbacks the body to a healthy setting, we observe June as Quiet Month. We’re glad you noticed we’re rejuvenated and full of oomph, ready to amuse you with tales as we head into the much-happening segment of the year. Some amazing things are happening in the designer furniture world, and we’ve an inside scoop on the main events in this post.


Spanish Chair Celebrates 60th Anniversary




To celebrate the Spanish Chair’s sixtieth anniversary, a rare feat for any product, Frederica is launching a limited-edition Spanish Chair. Crafted with solid oak, the chair features olive green saddle leather, based on the feedback from patrons who have owned the chair designed by Børge Mogensen. For this special occasion, Børge’s grandson Rasmus shares the philosophy—simple yet perfect—his grandfather applied for creating designer furniture. 


Finn Juhl Finds A Home At The Danish Architecture Center



Situated on the harbor front, the BLOX is a transparent building, designed for eliciting interactions between programs and the urban environment. The urban generator invites passers-by to peek into the interiors and observe how the Danes live. Welcome Home is an exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center in the BLOX. In a dedicated room, Finn Juhl’s furniture shows the timelessness of the designs, which are so germane, even though everything in the world around them has changed through the ages. 


DIY Furniture With The String System



We’ve launched a workspace on our Singapore platform, where you can play with string designs. The tool is part of our long-term vision to help clients experiment with models, which we could fabricate in partner factories. With many features, the tool is highly intuitive, and you could assemble a furniture piece, just like a master furniture-maker, in no time.

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