New Luxury Furniture Arrivals

Chair - Danish Design Co Singapore

August 4, 2018

At Danish Design Co, we’re always on the lookout for novel furniture concepts that bring décor to life. In this post, we’re delighted to share some new arrivals in our showroom.

String SystemNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

Created by the father of Scandinavian design, Nils Strinning designed the String shelving system, which is incredibly light, yet stable. Let’s say you want some shelf space for your books and artefacts, you could play with different layouts, from the millions of possible combinations, and settle for the white and walnut design that works best for your décor.


The new system is designed with cabinet with sliding glass doors. For this module, choose from white to dark wood, and add a detachable shelf if you still need more space. The stainless-steel circular handles match the design.


Another bonus is the String Plus modules. This is an advanced level for the String System. Say you built a shelf, you could add elements such as hooks, rods and trays for creative utilization of space.


Chieftain ChairNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

A Danish Design Award winner, Finn Juhl’s Chieftain Chair is for those who’ll settle for nothing but the best. To complement the leather upholstery, choose from teak or walnut, and you’re all set to sit on the seat of a Chief!


Soborg ChairNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

A blend of industrial and craftsmanship worldviews, Borge Mogensen’s Soborg Chair could sit comfortably in your home, office or commercial establishment. Made of wood, plywood and steel, the Soborg Chair is not only aesthetic, but also rugged and sturdy.


Skovby #92 ChairNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

If you’re looking for a dining table, look no further, because the Skovby #92 Chair looks stunning in fabric or leather upholstery. Designed for durability, the Skovby #92 Chair is incredibly stylish and looks great in any setting.


Trinidad ChairNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

Inspired by Gingerbread Facades, a visual folklore for those who live in the Caribbean, Nanna Ditzel’s Trinidad Chair is simply world class. This piece of luxury furniture is capable of holding on its own in an empty room just by playing with the light and shadows. For a comfier setting, choose from colorful upholstery, which is reminiscent of the Caribbean reggae culture.


Multi-Lite Floor LampNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

Characteristic of the golden era of Danish design, the Multi-Light Floor Lamp has a dual function—lighting and décor. When we were having fun trying different schemes in our showroom, we were stunned by the resulting illumination art. Check out the possibilities by turning the shades.


G-10 Floor LampNew-Luxury-Furniture-Arrivals

Another fabulous Greta Grossman creation, the G-10 Floor Lamp is about elegance and simplicity. Create an illumination zone for your study room or set it up for a late-night read.


Let us know what you think! If you fancy any of these luxury furniture pieces, please do come and check them out in our showroom.

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