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December 24, 2022

With the evolving times and limitless possibilities, we are bringing authentic European designer furniture pieces to local homes in Singapore. Our online store has gone live! and you can easily purchase our designer pieces by renowned Scandinavian designers at the comfort of your own homes. At Danish Design Co Singapore, we feature creations by design masters like Finn Juhl, Borge Mogensen, Hans J Wegner and may more.



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Iconic Dining Chairs

We offer dining chairs exclusively in Singapore that are timeless and traditional from Europe. With our distinctive variety of solid wood dining chairs, you can add elegance to your kitchen and dining area. Find the ideal fit for your upscale environment that is built to last, from rattan dining chairs to oak wood dining chairs with armrests.

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In terms of both style and functionality, the home lighting designs entered a new age in the 1960s and 1970s. Interior design underwent a complete transformation as a result of the war, a resurgence of interest in space, and a strong need for self-expression. The market’s design culture was influenced by geometric designs and fresh color palettes, providing chances for producers and artists to collaborate to develop an iconic lineage of light sources.

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Exclusively offered at Danish Design Co in Singapore, Scandinavian brand Eilersen and Fredericia produces sofas that exhibit the same degree of expertise and manufacture as other top Italian furniture brands. With modular and fixed solutions to fit the size and layout of your room, there is a ton of versatility available. Removable covers, two- and three-seaters, and various fabrics are all options; each offers a high degree of detail and a comfort guarantee. One of the greatest places in Singapore to get a designer sofa is here, which is also a fantastic spot to browse most of the other items you’ll need for your home.

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Lounge Chairs

Some of the most identifiable elements of Scandinavian home design are lounge chairs. Scandinavian designers are incredibly creative and memorable. Over the years, interior design projects have continued to use many of their iconic elements. This list of Scandinavian furniture designers have been as a source of inspiration for my interior design work over the years. Shop the designs of Scandinavian chairs available on our E-Store here.

Dining Tables

A hectic day might be relieved by the Nordic style’s emphasis on natural light, organic materials, minimalist design, and neutral color schemes. When you enter a room with Scandinavian furniture and home décor, it’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air; the warm, inviting atmosphere most needed in a place where you eat. In addition to having a stunning design, designing a Scandinavian dining room will give you the kind of environment that beckons you and your loved ones to sit down and enjoy leisurely, delectable meals.

S1 Sideboard

Storage Furniture

Storage in all its forms has naturally inspired and continues to inspire the great publishers of Scandinavian design. This is remotely because Scandinavian design is known for its blend of aesthetics and utility. The storage solutions integrate both old hardwood sideboards and modern electronic furniture may be found here.

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