4 New Designer Sofas by Eilersen

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June 22, 2018

Worldwide, Eilersen is synonymous with unbreakable quality, detailed craftsmanship and rich tradition. It is thus no surprise that the designer furniture industry eagerly stands up whenever this brand releases new designer sofa models. These past few months, four brand new designer sofas have been released by this illustrious brand. While we have already briefly mentioned this in an earlier article, this time, we’re going deeper. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what these new models offer.4-New-Designer-Sofas-by-Eilersen

Session Sofa

Upon sighting a Session, what becomes immediately apparent is its slim, stainless steel legs and semicircular armrests. Although it appears delicate, this designer sofa offers immeasurable strength and comfort for those fortunate enough to own one.


This designer sofa possesses a fixed back and two loose cushions that can be moved around in any way you wish. A mixture of foam and down feathers ensures optimal comfort and lasting resilience. Like all of Eilersen’s designer sofas, Session is a modular masterpiece. It can customized in a variety of ways, such as upholstering it with premium leather.


Slope Sofa

Eilersen’s designer sofas appear deceptively simple and the Slope is no exception. Engineering this piece of design took innumerable calculations and years of experience in crafting furniture. In addition, the materials used to manufacture this designer sofa are chosen with the goal of offering the optimal lounging experience. Absolutely nothing has been left to chance.


If you are seeking a designer sofa with thin lines, soft cushions and character, then the Slope is the one for you.


Drop Sofa

Looking to fill that empty corner of your living room? Do consider the Drop in its L-shaped form. Its short and concealed legs make it seem like it is floating a few centimeters above the ground, offering a semblance of luxury. But of course, the true test is when someone sits on this designer sofa. Drop, without question, offers hours upon hours of relaxation. As for its design, the Drop is the perfect marriage of tight and soft lines that is well known in the Eilersen brand.


To up its comfort factor, purchase several luxurious down cushions of different sizes and scatter them across the majestic seats of the Drop sofa.


Slimline Sofa

Comfort should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of excellent design. In the designer sofa industry, Jens Juul Eilersen is exceptional in balancing the two. Although the Slimline is as thin and minimalistic as a sofa can be, it also offers a level of comfort that ties all Eilersen sofas together.


The Slimline doesn’t just challenge gravity. It also challenges furniture making conventions, reminding us, once again, why Eilersen is a long-time pioneer in the designer sofa industry.


To experience the unquestionable comfort that Eilersen’s sofa brings, visit our showroom located in Pasir Panjang, Singapore.

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