Contemporary Design Marvels: Essential Guide to Buy Sofa Singapore Homes Absolutely Need

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November 14, 2022

Keeping up with contemporary and modern sofa trends can be tough, especially as most homeowners would not want to replace their sofa each year to fit in with new design styles. 


Choosing the right sofa that is built to last, coupled with elements that match your home décor are essential for ensuring you need only purchase one that will last years. At Danish Design Co, our New Modern sofa collection carries contemporary sofas that are quite the visual treat. 


In this blog, we detail what you should look out for when hunting to buy sofa Singapore homes absolutely need – including a few recommendations from our New Modern collection. 


hannah sofa - danish design co singapore


There’s nothing quite like sitting back in comfort whilst conversing with family and friends. The focus on quality social time in recent years has made comfort a pillar on sofa trends. 


A sofa fitted with deep cushions and soft materials makes for an excellent conversation pit. Our Hannah sofa is an example of a contemporary sofa that is sleek, trendy and provides comfort. It comes with the option for you to add thick armrests for added comfort – perfect for lounging or even lying down with your head resting on the armrest. We recommend pairing the Hannah with plush pillows that match your décor. 


paste sofa - danish design co singapore


When a company has a strong philosophy focus on sustainability and longevity, you may be assured that each sofa and furniture piece they produce is built to last. 


Every sofa by Bolia is handmade in Europe, with the use of carefully sourced, high-quality materials. Each of their designs have also been tested to the highest quality standards, and meet European standards for safety, strength and durability – all of which ensure you have a sofa that will last years. 


scandinavia sofa - danish design co singapore


Your sofa is the piece that really brings your entire living room together. Choosing the right colour matters a great deal – now here comes the decision in selecting an accent or neutral colour for your sofa. This depends on your decor, and if you’re wanting the sofa to stand out in your living room, or having it blend in with your space. 


With Bolia’s extensive colours available for each of their designer sofas, you can choose the right colour that will complement your living room. Check out our best-selling Scandinavia sofa in a navy blue hue that adds wonderful contrast to a neutral decor. 



Sectional or modular sofas have become a popular choice – especially for Singapore homes where space might be a constraint – as it allows people to change up their living room, and also enables unique ways to use them in different types of spaces. 


Bolia offers quite the range of sectional sofas, with each design having different shapes, seat depths, back height, and arm height – allowing you to choose the sofa that best fits your needs. 


The Cosima sofa remains a popular choice with our patrons, and we totally understand why! The Cosima is a design that immediately looks inviting with its deep cushions that simply beckons you to sit back and relax. 


Do also explore Danish Design Co’s collection of New Modern sectional sofas here



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