How to Make an Eilersen Sofa: Part Two

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December 18, 2017

Designing an Eilersen sofa is not easy, but putting one together from its various materials is even less so. In this article, we will explore what makes an Eilersen, an Eilersen. Please click here to view Part One.

Squeak-free Hinges


If your sofa squeaks, our recommendation is to replace the hinges and not the springs. Most people are unaware that purchasing a sofa with cardboard-lined hinges or hinges without coating is far from advisable. In contrast, Eilersen sofas are made of nylon-coated metal. Crafted with high precision, these long-lasting hinges ensure that an Eilersen sofa never squeaks.

Impact-resistant Springs


The springs within Eilersen sofas are tested to stand strong despite a lifetime of impacts. Precision engineering and high-quality steel create nozag springs of the highest durability and quality. 20mm pitch and 40mm width allows for elasticity and the highest seating comfort for fixed upholstery and loose cushions. In addition, the coating on these springs prevent rusting, which naturally leads to long-lasting comfort.


Through rigorous testing, it is proven that these springs can withstand more than 100,000 impacts without distorting. Notably, this is twice the European standard.

Higher Foam Density, Longer Durability


What is the main trait of high quality foam? The answer is bulk density. Since polyurethane foam grows softer with every use, it is important to balance comfort and strength. Foam with higher density results in reduced hardness loss, which means the sofa will stand firm for much longer. Eilersen sofas are made of cold foam, which have been rigorously tested to ensure minimum loss of thickness and hardness. Furthermore, these foams are proven to be emission free and carry the Indoor Climate Label from Danish Technological Institute.

Flexible Glue


We do not always want glue to harden completely. For Eilersen sofas, water-based silicone glue is used, and for good reason too. Aside from where foam meets foam or frame, this glue is also used inside cushions and backs. This guarantees flexibility and stops foam of different densities from shifting around.

Extra Covers for Added Functionality


Hidden beneath the cover of all Eilersen sofas are fixed calico covers. These covers make removing the top covers hassle-free, which means it makes it that much easier to dry-clean or give them a complete makeover.

Cushions That Keep their Shape


Do your cushions keep their shape? Well, Eilersen’s do. These covers are covered in casings from down-proof cambric, made with cotton. By dividing these into channels, it stops the filing from shifting out of place. This functional design enables the craftsmen to take the comfort of an Eilersen sofa to an entirely different level. It also ensures that the sofa stays in shape for much longer.

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