Get Inspired by the 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas 

5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co

August 20, 2021

Mid-century modern furniture, including sofas, grew from more than just functional design throughout the 20th century. Through the thoughtful and artistic eye of a few legendary Danish designers, and their furniture that were influenced by architectural elements and the human form, classic mid-century designs that have an undeniable alluring aesthetic were introduced to the world.


Here, we explore 5 of the most iconic mid-century sofas by 3 renowned designers – Finn Juhl, Børge Mogensen, and IIlum Wikkelsø.


Baker Sofa - 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co Singapore 2

Baker Sofa by Finn Juhl


Baker Sofa

The Baker Sofa was conceived when Danish designer Finn Juhl was invited to design for Hollis Baker, a Michigan designer furniture manufacturer, in 1949. The Baker Sofa started the Danish Modern movement that made the Danish design philosophy very popular in the United States. 


This mid-century sofa design has a very distinguished backrest. The two piece curved backrest is a modernist adaption of a wing chair. The curve prevents drafts getting to the seater which creates a secure space to rest in, improving seating relaxation. 


The Baker’s colour portion and shapes have been carefully designed to create a sense of playfulness within this classic Scandinavian sofa. Complement the geometric look by styling the Baker sofa with the Eye Coffee Table.



Poet Sofa - 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co Singapore 2


Poet Sofa


The Poet Sofa displays Finn Juhl’s skilful blend of sculptural design and functional furniture. This mid-century sofa was originally an experimental design for Juhl’s own home but was shown to the public at  the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1941. 


The slim upholstery and petite frame of the Poet creates an ideal sofa for smaller apartments, and perfect for Singapore homes. The buttons add detail to the tall, winged slanted backrest, composing an ideal place to sit back and unwind. 


We recommend pairing the sculptural Poet with the Pelican Lounge Chair in your living room.



BM2213 Sofa - 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co Singapore 2


Mogensen 2213 Sofa


Børge Mogensen designed the 2213 sofa in 1962, originally for his own home in north Copenhagen, with the aim to create the ultimate sofa. The minimalist, clean lines in this iconic mid-century sofa has made it popular worldwide. 


The beautiful nature of the bull hide leather that is used to handcraft the 2213 means this Scandinavian sofa softens with age, making it even more inviting and comfortable. All of the designs in Mogensens’s 22 collection are handcrafted, carrying the heritage through to each design. 


We recommend styling this exquisite design with the Pedrera Coffee Table.



No 1 Sofa - 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co Singapore 2


No 1 Sofa


The No 1 Sofa was the first sofa Børge Mogensen designed for Fredericia in 1955. The minimalist design of this mid-century sofa embraces functionality with its removable tailored cushions. The placement of the buttons create a modest cross pattern within the folds of the fabric, adding a classic detail to the design. 


The bold shapes build character to this dainty sofa. Enhance your living room’s decor by pairing the No 1 Sofa with the practical Pon Coffee Table.



Croissant Sofa - 5 Most Iconic Mid-Century Sofas - Danish Design Co Singapore 2


Croissant Sofa 


The distinctive, sculptural Croissant Sofa was designed by Danish architect and designer IIlum Wikkelsø, and was released in 1962. The Croissant embodies sculptural and dynamic design, and makes for a powerful statement in your living room. 


The Croissant was IIlum Wikkelsø’s irreverent play on the more traditional Chesterfield sofa, and used the popular French pastry as inspiration. Crafted by hand, the complex curves of the Croissant’s iconic form are achieved through meticulous hand-stitching, and sit atop a base frame and legs made from solid oak. 


The Croissant is a timeless design that will last generations. Complete the look by adorning your living room with Croissant Lounge Chairs from the same collection. 



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