Majestic Designer Sofa Pairings; Lounging Revolutionized

Majestic Designer Sofa - Danish Design Co Singapore

July 19, 2018

Furniture play is one of the most fun things we do at Danish Design Co. It brings us much joy, playing matchmaker for modern sofas, chairs and tables. While most Scandinavian designers fabricate furniture sets, experimenting with ideas could result in stunning arrangements—even disparate designer sofas and coffee tables could complement each other in ways never imagined before. Check out some groupings we believe are made in heaven!


Poet Sofa, Pelican Chair & Eye Table



As if from an illustrated fairy tale, the Poet Sofa, Pelican Chair and Eye Table alliance is for dreamers. Each piece of furniture has its unique mannerisms, thereby lending the setting a fairy-tale-like vibe, where the characters are immersed in a heartfelt tete-a-tete. Set up the consortium on the deck or lounging area, and, in no time, you’ll be creating beautiful memories with relatives and buddies.


Butterfly Sofa & Puzzle Table



Business savviness requires innovation, and fortune favors the bold. Living the dream in Singapore is for those who are meticulous about their choices and decisions. The Butterfly designer sofa (link tbe) and Puzzle Table organization highlights this powerplay in the scheme, which could be deploy0ed in a corporate retreat or home office. With ample open space, the classy Scandinavian sofa and coffee table brew up memories of blockbuster corporate deals and investment pitches.


Haiku Sofa, Spanish Chair & Pon Table



Modern living in Singapore demands efficient utilization of space, which is also an opportunity for creative deployment of furnishings. For the cosmopolitan abode, we present the Haiku Sofa, Spanish Chair and Pon Table combo, which is easily deployable in high-rise apartments as well as compact homes—enjoy coffee with pals, have conversations with family, or catch up with your favorite sitcom.


Paradiset Sofa & TS Coffee Table



Crafted by furniture designers with insights from hundreds of years of European culture and tradition, the Paradiset Sofa is ideal for the arty bent of mind. The marble-top TS Coffee Table complements the Scandinavian sofa, thereby creating a serene environment for a study area or consultation room.


For us, every tryout is a new escapade. Though pairing designer sofas and coffee tables is not a science, the technique is an art form with considerations including ambiance and function. We welcome you to our Singapore showroom and have fun playing with furniture the way we do!


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