Modern Luxury: Dark, Dramatic & Daring Interiors with Designer Sofas

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May 28, 2019

The allure of dark and dramatic colour schemes call out to the hearts of the adventurous.


A dark and daring interior might not be a design theme desired by many homeowners, which is why some interior designers jump at the chance to crank up their creativity when the opportunity to undertake such a project arises.



Sofa design: Gotham Eilersen


Decor schemes that incorporate light and bright minimalism offer up a refreshing look for sure, but sometimes a home just calls for a little bit more bite. Filled with a combination of dark colours through the use of furniture, wall design and other soft furnishings, these spaces look like secret style lairs.


Featuring exquisite, designer sofas curated from the Eilersen collection, here are five key themes and some inspiration for you to incorporate dark palettes into your clients’ homes.


1. Open layout

The perpetual search for more space and flexibility in smaller homes, especially so in Singapore, have driven interior designers to find more creative solutions.


After unnecessary walls are removed, it instantly creates more space providing a larger and more airy space; ideal for dark and daring interiors so that the space doesn’t feel small or closed in.



Blue Sofa Streamline Eilersen

Sofa design: Streamline Eilersen


2. Ample seating area

Investing in a spacious seating space is vital for when guests come over. The living area is an excellent space to get creative as there are numerous types of chairs to pick from. Be they recliners, folding chairs, chaise lounge chairs and the ever popular living room staple: sofas.


With modular sofas, there’s a wide variety of innovative parts such as sofa bed conversions, automatic recliners and integrated storage to choose from, depending on your clients’ needs. The Block sofa by Eilersen even offers options for not only additional sections but also movable armrests – perfect for those who like redesigning their living spaces ever so often.


Sofa design Block Eilersen in maroon

Sofa design: Block Eilersen



3. Indirect lighting

Bright indirect light is all you need in some interior spaces. In the image below, natural light entering through the tall windows illuminate the tops of the walls, highlighting the wall’s raw, brush paint marks.


The cinnamon-coloured Float sofa by Eilersen perfectly accentuates the industrial design of this space. Both the sofa and wall design harmonise well with the unpolished oak-hued hardwood, which provides a visually contrasting element to this open layout.



Sofa Float Eilersen in cinnamon colored leather

Sofa design: Float Eilersen



4. Applying Texture

Adding texture is all about layering and soft furnishings in a selection of textures can make a huge impact when displayed together. A single key piece such as a statement rug like the one in the image below goes a long way in bringing a space to life.



Sofa Orion Eilersen in grey with white rug

Sofa design: Orion Eilersen



5. No unnecessary clutter

Less is more, and it helps your home looking clean and elegant. Decluttering homes also declutters the mind, and this has been proven by many scientific and psychological studies.


Having one or only two statement pieces can help accentuate the room’s design elements without cluttering it.



Reclining chair design Control Glove by Eilersen in black

Reclining chair design: Control Glove Eilersen


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