Choosing Your Ideal, Space-Saving, Extendable Dining Table

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September 6, 2019



In Singapore homes where floor space is often limited, homeowners are naturally keen on space-saving solutions. For those who love entertaining guests over dinner parties, but don’t have the real estate to have a large dining table that seats 8, 10 or even 12 people, an extendable dining table is exactly what you need.


An expandable dining table will help you maximise your available dining room space, and they come in a variety of designs and forms – such as the standard rectangular, oval, square and round ones. Perfect for dining, socialising and entertaining.


When your all of your guests have left, all you would need to do is collapse it and voila – more floor space in your dining room again in mere seconds. Here are the three main amazing benefits of having an expandable dining table in your home.


amazing BENEFITS OF AN EXtenDABLE DINing table

Space-saving: This is the main reason that homeowners purchase dining tables that can be expanded. By optimising the available space, you could truly make the most of your dining area. This solution is particularly great for homes in Singapore as homeowners here are quite limited in this aspect.


With different customisations available that can be tailored to your needs, waiting out there is the ideal dining table that suits your lifestyle and your home’s interior design theme. For example, you could opt for a solid oak wood dining table that seats 4 people when not extended, and after the table expansion, it seats 12 people. Depending on your available space and the amount of guests you usually invite over, choose a dining table that best suits your needs.


Customisable designs and materials: When you have guests over and you extend your dining table right before seating them, it’s really quite a show in itself. It’s likely that at least a couple of your guests would go “ooh’’ and ‘’ahh’’ during the transformation.


Skovby extendable Dining table


Depending on the design theme of your home, there are numerous materials that you could choose for your table – such as solid wood, a combination of marble and wood, glass, granite or even quartz. But we daresay you could never go wrong with a timeless, yet gorgeous, natural wood dining table that provides durability, such as the SM30 extendable dining table by Skovby.


Easier to move around: Extendable or even folding dining tables are easier to move around whenever you decide to redecorate your home, or even when you host larger parties and need to move your table. If you have an outdoor garden or large terrace, you could also move the table with ease and enjoy a bit of warmth and sunshine while having breakfast or better yet, brunch on the weekends.


stylish & modern designs for your home

For inspiration in selecting your ideal, extendable dining room table, here are a few timeless, exquisite designs from European furniture houses – including rectangular, oval, square and round table designs.


1. This sleek Plank rectangular table by Naver Collection is produced using solid wood (which type) and its classic appeal and clean lines would be a great addition to any modern home.


Plank extendable dining table


2. The brilliant, extendable round table by Skovby can be easily extended


Skovby round extendable dining table


3. The exquisite Silver Oval table by Finn Juhl would be an amazing addition to any home and can be extended with two extra leaves. If you have a large, extended family that comes over often, you’d be glad to know this table seats up to 14 people.


Finn Juhl oval extendable dining table


4. This timeless rectangular table design by DK3



5. The Point oval table by Naver Collection’s exquisite design.


Naver oval extendable dining table


beautify your dining space

Finding the right dining room table is fundamental in bringing your dining space together. The dining table is very often the focal point of the dining room where you gather with your family and friends, so not only do you want to make sure it’s a comfortable fit for the space, you’ll want it to fit your design preferences and enhance your home’s interior.


A final tip from us in choosing the right dining table for your living space: It should be one that you absolutely adore! After all, it’ll be where you have your meals at home for the next few years, or even decades.

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