Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have!

Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have Blog

November 1, 2021

Our Best-Selling Dining Chair Designs

Finding the right dining chair that reflects your home decor can be a challenge. Fret not, we’re here to help with versatile, classic dining chair designs that’ll look right in-place (or even subtly accentuate) in any decor style.


1. Beetle Dining Chair

Within less than a year of being designed, the distinctive, organic, structure of the Beetle Dining Chair became a design classic for the designer duo GamFratesi’s. 


The modern dining chair displays Danish craftsmanship within an unusual playful, contemporary design. As the name suggests, the Gubi Beetle Dining Chair has strong design references to the four-legged beetle. 


Beetle Dining Chair - Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have


Ultimate Seating Comfort


The unique curve of the structure reflects the robust contour of the beetle’s shape, where the elegantly tapered legs lengthen the dainty but its strong foundation holds the striking shell. Not only known for its unique shape, the durable outer shell which has a gentle flex to it, ensures ultimate comfort whilst sitting for long periods of time. This dynamic, signature piece is a striking feature for any dining space.  


2. Trinidad Dining Chair


Creating a milestone in the history of plywood postmodernism design, the Trinidad Dining Chair has become a phenomenal success. 


Designed in 1993, the Trinidad’s designer Nanna Ditzel took inspiration for this wooden dining chair from intricate details found within architectural fretwork of Gingerbread Facades in Trinidad. These details are highlighted within the modern dining chair through the shadows of the linear plywood shell, making these cut-outs on the backrest the main design feature. 


Trinidad Dining Chair - Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have


Engineering Marvel


The fretwork isn’t just pleasing to one’s eye, but the vents allow the furniture’s body to be kept at room temperature whilst the dispersion of light within the design allows the linear detail of the chair to almost dissolve, creating a playful atmosphere within its shadows. 


3. CH24 Wishbone Dining Chair


Designed exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn’s in 1949, the CH24 Wishbone Dining Chair is one of Hans J. Wegner‘s most iconic dining chairs. This is one of the most asked-for designs in our furniture showroom!


The Wishbone’s combination of the elegantly steam-bent backrest and the intricate hand-woven paper cord seat demonstrate hand-skilled craftsmanship throughout the design. 


Wishbone Dining Chair - Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have


Visually Captivating Design


The refined eye-catching Y detail in the backrest, is not only an aesthetic feature but also provides added stability to the chair. This support ensures that this stylish designer dining chair provides outstanding support and comfort, making it an ideal choice for socialising in the dining room. 


4. Pia Dining Chair


The classic Pia Dining Chair is a subtle yet inspiring design. Poul Cadovius conceived the Pia with the design concept of “less is more” in mind. The thin, conical-shaped solid wooden legs gives the Pia a light, visual expression, that is enhanced by two fine details — the hand-sanded rounding at the top of the back legs, and the finger-joined front legs. 


Pia Dining Chair -Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have


Sustainable Design – Ahead of Its Time


Cadovius envisioned the Pia to be made with least possible material consumption, and successfully did so. The Pia’s seat is made of hand-woven paper cordel, and the backrest is moulded, providing luxurious seating comfort. Taking two full labour hours just to hand-weave the seat, crafting the chair is a time-consuming process made only by expert craftsmen as it requires patience and high accuracy. Quite the generational piece, we’d say!



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