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Andersen dining table and dining chair room design - danish design co singapore

December 17, 2022

The perfect dining table for you will be one that fits in your area and has a design you’ll adore for years. When selecting a decent one, there are a few essential elements you should take into account. First, avoid succumbing to trends noting that a decent table ought to survive for at least five to ten years. You might wake up one day and wonder what you were thinking if you acquire something too quirky, with too many unusual details. So it’s best that you keep it strong and simple.



Gubi Dining room design - danish design co singapore

Designed by GamFratesi, Gubi’s furniture is able to balance its distinctly modern appearance by re-contextualizing this one architectural component in a piece of furniture. While the table’s top highlights the stone’s inherent beauty, its legs show off the piece’s sculptural quality and highlight the amount of expertise involved in its construction.



DK3 dining room design - danish design co singapore

By combining classic steel, brass, copper, or bronze components with premium wood, our team of artisans at DK3 unwaveringly upholds the mission of fusing the greatest carpentry traditions with modern and classic furniture design.


Our main component is wood, and our passion for this natural material and unwavering commitment to quality are evident at every stage of production, from the rough design sketches to the handiwork in our carpentries, where the furniture is finished and treated, and even down to the comfortable spaces of our customers in Singapore.



33 extendable dining table skovby - danish design co singapore

Having produced furniture for 85 years, Skovby Furniture Design has developed a strong and reliable opinion on raw materials, production, and design. Our business is entirely Danish, and all of our furniture is made in Denmark. They are meticulous in taking into account every part of their furniture design. Not only is wood carefully chosen, but also lacquer, fixtures, packing, as well as linens and chair foam, which adhere to the strictest wear and fireproofing regulations in the world. Skovby produce cutting-edge design for everyday use that includes minute but essential features.



Naver collection dining room design - danish design co singapore

The dining room furniture from Naver collection are made using sophisticated machinery while always adhering to traditional ideas that have been passed on for generations. To guarantee the proper moisture level, the solid wood will be carefully chosen and then dried. On top of that, the color and structure of each piece of furniture match seamlessly through meticulous sorting. Each and every aspect of the furniture will be carefully crafted by hand during the polishing and finishing process. Continuous quality control guarantees that the Naver Collection’s furniture is not only stunning to look at but also durable enough to withstand use for many years.



At Andersen, they value skill, innovation, and curiosity. We create modern furniture and furnishings for houses with passion. We have been producing design goods with unique personalities and a distinctive Scandinavian style for more than 100 years. They offer different ranges of lovely solid wood round and long traditional tables. Each piece sets great example of pure craftsmanship that was made to a high degree. Their dining furniture are simple to maintain on a daily basis due to its long-lasting wood finishes. Although it can also be offered with a conventional version of tables, they also offer extension systems with up to three leaves.


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