3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best

3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best - Danish Design Co Singapore

June 3, 2020

The right sofa can make for a stunning centrepiece in your living room. Apart from aesthetics, longevity and comfort would be the other top two factors to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a sofa. Eilersen is no stranger when it comes to producing well thought out designer sofas with exceptional quality. With over 120 years of experience, they make the best Scandinavian sofas in the world and here are some reasons why!


Handcrafted Quality & First-Rate Materials

3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best


Every Eilersen sofa is made by skilled hands with first-rate materials. Its frame is made with traceable and FSC-certified solid pinewood for its flexible, durable and lightweight characteristics. The brand has a preference for Scandinavian pines, north of the 60th parallel, and its colder climate ensures unhurried growth with fewer knots and less tension. This ensures your sofa frame never stretches or goes out of shape over time.


These days, many modern sofa companies have missed the minor details that set Eilersen’s sofas apart from the rest. One of which would be the seat bracket which aligns with the lengthier side of the frame. This curved piece is made of solid beech wood which preserves the frame’s flexibility and sturdiness, ensuring it never breaks or collapses. The 3mm thick Masonite used to stabilize and cover frames, armrests and inside backs also promises to retain its shape. Just like other materials made out of wood, Masonite contains formaldehyde. Nonetheless, Eilersen adheres to the N-0 quality with the lowest possible content, and each sofa exceeds the highest EU safety standards.


Another component which keeps the sofa in shape would be the foam padding within the sofa. As polyurethane foam becomes softer with use, the trick is to balance strength and comfort. Foam with higher density reduces the hardness lost prolonging the life of your sofa. To ensure minimum loss of thickness and hardness, Eilersen sofas are made with cold foam which has gone through rigorous testing and ultimately prolong the life of your sofa.



3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best


Also, sofas with hinges which are cardboard-lined or without coating are highly inadvisable as your sofa may start to squeak over time. At Eilersen, their hinges are made from nylon-coated metal and are precisely placed between clamps with constant accuracy providing long-lasting comfort and silent buoyancy.


While the springs within each sofa are tested to withstand a lifetime of impacts. The springs within every sofa have gone through rigorous testing proving it can withstand more than 200,000 impacts without distorting and are well-coated to prevent rust and provide lasting comfort through the years.



Customisable Nature

3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best



With every sofa built by hand, each component is easily customisable to your liking. Having trouble finding your perfect sofa due to space constraints? Fret not, as Eilersen sofas are available in various configurations and surely you’d be able to find one that fits your home. Whether you fancy leather sofas or fabric sofas, many upholstery options are available with a wide range of materials available at Eilersen, allowing you to create your perfect sofa!


With top-notch quality, upholstery options by Eilersen remain extremely durable throughout the years. Eilersen’s fabric sofas are made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool due to its durability and comfort. While leather sofas acquire the best quality leather in Northern Europe. No two pieces of leather hides are alike and Eilersen’s best, ingrained aniline leather are chrome-tanned and vegetable-retanned, allowing for maximum softness and texture. Should you decide to change up your covers, our cushions have zippers for easy replacement.



Safe for the Entire Family, Including Kids

3 Reasons Why Eilersen’s Designer, Scandinavian Sofas Are The World’s Best


A little too much is better than too little when it comes to adhesives. Having said that, if you have children at home, Eilersen ensures your kids’ safety by using water-based adhesives which are boil-dry-freeze tested and carry Greenguard Children & Schools Certification.


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