Duxiana Beds: Luxury Bedroom Furniture That Promises High-End Comfort

duxiana bed - danish design co singapore

November 24, 2022

After a long day of hard work, your body needs the comfort that a high-quality bed and mattress can easily offer. It’s important to think about how you want your bed to support you and keep you comfortable while you sleep because everyone’s bodies are unique and have distinct needs when it comes to feeling oh so cozy after a long day of labor.


The Duxiana“DUX” Design Team is adamant that opulent beds enhances your well-being and not just act as artisans. Their mission is to assist you in getting more and better sleep while utilizing only the highest performing materials for great comfort. They have achieved this through years of continuous innovation over nine decades. DUX beds are the greatest, as recognized and trusted by many upscale hotels across the world.


What Makes a Duxiana Bed the Best in the Market?

duxiana bed - danish design co singapore

1. Innovative and Accommodating Design


Duxiana developed a unique Pascal Customisable Support System where each spring has been meticulously engineered. DUX beds contain replaceable cassettes with spring tensions, allowing you to create a unique configuration just for you. The objective is to precisely match your body’s size and weight requirements and alter them as you do.


The DUX Bed evenly distributes your weight while aligning your spine to relieve back discomfort. DUX enables you to relax in the appropriate alignment.


2. Uncompromised Quality

duxiana bed - danish design co singapore

The bed frame is crafted from one of the strongest pines in the world grown in Sweden’s most northern region along with the highest quality Swedish steel. The king-size DUX Bed‘s continuous-coil spring system is made from more than 1 kilometer of steel wire. They produce one of the tiniest, thinnest, and most dynamic springs on the market thanks to its distinctive design and the toughest Swedish steel.


The DUX bed collection are coated in cotton with a high thread count making it stronger and undeniably soft. They configured the perfect mixture of natural and synthetic latex to achieve the finest results.


3. Stunning Aesthetics

dux 1001 bed - danish design co singapore


In 1926, Duxiana’s well-constructed innerspring mattresses are modularly made that distinguishes the company. The company’s most well-known accomplishment over the past 95 years may be providing beds to some of the most renowned boutique hotels in the world.


The DUX beds are well-known for its great quality and iconic reflection of  Swedish ancestry. The DUX has always aimed to increase comfort, performance, and longevity integrated into stunning design. The beds are phenomenally designed that is stunning on its own without the need for bed linens to top its luxe look.


4. Sustainably Designed

dux 3003 bed - danish design co singapore

Innovative components that can be customized make up the DUX bed. They can be changed, and some even include upgrade options. The DUX Bed may be the last bed you’ll ever need, according to the renewable design. The best materials and 95 years of Swedish craftsmanship combine to create a bed that will last. Simply put, fewer mattresses will wind up in landfills the longer it lasts.


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