How To Choose the Right Outdoor Dining Set

Ray Outdoor Dining Chair in Black with the Teak Pure Outdoor Dining Table

February 11, 2022

Elevate your dining and socialising experience outdoors on luxury outdoor dining furniture that is designed to bring people together. 


Explore a wide range of luxury outdoor dining sets that we’ve curated here at Danish Design Co. With multiple styles and pairings to choose from, there’s certainly an outdoor dining table and chair set to match your needs. The luxury outdoor furniture brands we carry produces designs that do not compromise on comfort, quality or durability. All our outdoor dining sets are crafted with materials that have been carefully chosen and tested to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions, keeping their appearance and comfort for many years with the right care and maintenance.


These are generally important points to consider when choosing an outdoor dining set: Style, size, material, and maintenance. 


Go Outdoor dining table

Lean Outdoor Dining Chair from Cane-line


Where Space is Limited

Transform your terrace, balcony, garden or patio space into a perfect daytime sun spot and romantic evening dining area with a small outdoor dining table with two chairs. Create a contemporary look and add warmth to your outdoor space with the Circum Outdoor Table from Houe. The slatted Bamboo table top option creates a unique, contrasting look against the modern black powder-coated steel frame. Or perhaps you are after an understated yet sophisticated style, then perhaps the Go Outdoor Cafe Table from Cane-line would be the table for you.


You could also choose an armless outdoor dining chair with these outdoor dining tables to give the illusion of a bigger space. The Lean Outdoor Dining Chair from Cane-line is a stylish and stackable choice. The ergonomic feature of the wrap-around back adds extra comfort whilst creating an airy light minimalistic look, where the stackable aspect makes it easy to store or put to one side when not needed.  



Selecta Extendable Outdoor Dining Table

Selecta Extendable Outdoor Dining Table from Diphano

When Space Isn’t An Issue

Add an eye catching feature to your outside dining space with the Leaf Outdoor Dining Table from Houe. The contemporary placement of natural bamboo wood against the dark grey powder-coated metal frame with its distinctive triangular form creates a very modern look.  Seating up to nine people, this outdoor dining table is ideal for larger outdoor spaces. Pair it with the Paon Outdoor Dining Chair to create a striking combination of different materials with its bamboo and powder-coated metal. 


Or if you are after a more modern and sleek look, the Selecta Extendable Outdoor Dining Table from Diphano could be the look for you. Its smooth tempered-glass table top with the powder-coated aluminium frame creates an clean, modern look. With table size variations that can accommodate up to 12 people, this outdoor dining table is perfect for entertaining a larger number of guests.




Pure Outdoor Dinning Table from Diphano 

The Materials 

By just highlighting a few of our outdoor designs, you can see that multiple materials have been used throughout the designs. Many of the luxury outdoor brands we carry have designed their very own materials that are durable to the outdoor weather conditions, making it easy to maintain even in Singapore’s weather and humidity. The multiple materials can be a bit overwhelming, so we thought we would break it down for you.



Certified natural teak is naturally an oil-rich wood which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Over time the wood will naturally patina, turning a sliver-grey shade, you can help prevent this by applying special teak oil as regular maintenance. 



Ceramic table tops are a resilient and rough surface. Ceramic is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, meaning it can stand outside in any weather. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.



Aluminium is a light material, and makes furniture easy to move around, making it ideal for smaller outdoor spaces that are multi-use areas. Aluminium furniture for outdoor use are powder-coated, giving an extra protective layer. It requires easier maintenance, needing regular cleaning with water and soap. 



Moment outdoor dining chair - rope detail

Moments Outdoor Dining Chair from Cane-line



You will see that various Cane-line outdoor dining chairs feature Cane-line Weave and Cane-Line Rope. This material has been specially developed from polyethylene to withstand water, be UV-resistant, tolerate temperature differences, and maintain its colour and structural shape for many years. Quite a durable choice for outdoor furniture. 




Selecta Outdoor Dining Chair from Diphano

High Density Polyethylene 

Many of Diphano chairs come with rope, woven High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), or round cord wicker. Both the woven HDPE and round cord wicker are made from synthetic fibre of High Density Polyethylene that has been specially created for outdoor use. The rope detail has a filling of polyester and outer cover of olefin, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. All of these materials are UV-resistant, meaning the material will not go brittle and the colour will not fade. These are also water-resistant, making it perfect to be placed by a swimming pool.


This only a few materials that can be found within our luxury outdoor furniture. More information on how to carefully maintain and treat your furniture can be found here at our Care and Maintenance page. 

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