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Fredericia 2 Seater No.1 Sofa 2

Our Iconic Collection is for those who look for exceptional quality in their furniture. Here, we offer a wide range of furniture, including sofas!

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Iconic Collection – Exceptional Quality

The Iconic Collection comprises of over twenty European designer furniture brands. Some of them, such as Eilersen, House of Finn Juhl and Fredericia, are exclusive to Danish Design Co in Singapore, meaning they cannot be found elsewhere. Some of them specialise in one type of furniture while others passionately tackle the full range. An example of the former is String, a company that retails a customisable storage system that can fit perfectly in any room and home. An example of the latter is Fredericia, which retails everything from iconic lounge chairs to stunning benches. However, no matter the history, all of the brands in the Iconic Collection share a common goal – to create the best piece of Scandinavian design utilising the best craftsmanship and materials available.


Iconic Collection – The Categories

On this page, the various furniture types have been split into the following categories to allow for more precise browsing. These categories include sofa, living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom, storage, outdoor furniture, lighting, kids furniture and workplace furniture.


Apart from our Iconic Collection, we have the New Modern Collection as well! Explore a wide range of designer furnitures! You are sure to find something you like.