Birger Dahl

Birger Dahl

NORWAY (1916 – 1998)


Birger Dahl was an award winning Norwegian designer, known fondly by many in the industry as a pioneer of contemporary Scandinavian lighting. The mid-century was the period in which Dahl forged his best-known signature streamlined style and subsequently launched a revolutionary new vision of lighting design. He has received a Gold Medal Award at the prestigious Triennale di Milano for the Dokka Lamp, the first lamp in Norway to achieve this.


Dahl is also firmly recognised as a leading Post-war interior architect using strict geometric shapes softened with gentle contours. His design aesthetic emphasized the purity of form, preferring to highlight the shape of his designs rather than hide them behind decorations or elaborate ornaments. Despite being created decades ago, his lighting work remains as contemporary classics of our time. The Dokka, Birdy and Dahl are among the most iconic lighting furniture pieces for any current Modern home.


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