Oeo Studio

OEO Studio



Oeo Studio was founded by designers Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann. This Danish duo share a passion and aim to design products and experiences that carry an inner feeling of necessity without compromising on its quality and durability. Both Lykke and Buemann highly respect craftsmanship, the use of natural materials and well-worn sensibility when designing their creations. They share a deep understanding of their brand personality and both have a genuine approach to their creations.


This synergy has led to the duo capturing a notable list of clients – from creating the interiors of Michelin-starred restaurants to developing aspirational objects that have been placed in permanent display collections. The studio has garnered attention for their award-winning showrooms and have played a role in revitalizing the traditional crafts scene of Kyoto. Oeo Studio recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge and house a team of international talents in their multidisciplinary studio.


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