Shin Azumi

Shin Azumi



Shin Azumi is a Japanese designer who runs London based multidisciplinary studio, ‘a studio’. His clients hail all over the world and his design work covers various areas such as consumer products, furniture, lighting and electronics. Azumi also designs interiors for shops, restaurants and exhibitions. This UK based designer states that he starts many of his designs by first observing and objectively studying his surrounding and everything happening around him. After distilling an idea to resolve or expand on, he then develops a solution that is often simple to the eye but is backed up by constant refining.


Azumi’s design ideology are a perfect fit with Fredericia Furniture – a Danish luxury furniture company who focuses on the balance between idea, function and aesthetics. It is from this collaboration that the minimalist and elegant Nara Bar Stool and Dining Chair came to be.


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