Welling/Ludvik comprises of Danish designer Hee Welling and Icelander designer Gudmundur Ludvik. This design duo challenges the notion that basics cannot be remade and have since created waves with their work in the furniture design world. Within their industrial design work, Welling/Ludvik seek to view things in different perspectives and reach the best solution in terms of comfort, craft, use of material, cost and environmental sustainability. The Danish-Icelandic pair also encompass sensibility to cater to the struggles of modern urban lifestyles in their simple yet interesting designs.


With Fredericia, Welling/Ludvik combine the brand’s functional and human-centred designs with their own keen attention to detail and material intuition so as to create designs that are original and long lasting. Welling/Ludvik and Fredericia’s first collaboration was the PATO series, launched in 2013.

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