Point Extendable Dining Table

Exclusive & Authentic Scandinavian Design

Available in Oval & Rectangular Shapes; Traditional & Pointed Legs


The point series of tables were designed by the renowned designers Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl. The Scandinavian and modern Point Extendable Dining table flaunts its pointy legs and steel base. There is also the option to include the steel base as the standard pointy table is without it. There are a plethora of varieties that this modern pointy table comes in and they are available in ash, oak and walnut. The bold statement that these beautiful tables give any modern interior setting will leave you staring in awe. Don’t miss your chance to get your own Pointy extendable table with the creativity to alter it according to your needs.


The Naver Collection’s Tiger Chair complements the Point Extendable Dining Table immeasurably well.


Naver Collection

Founded in 1995, they have always pursued their desire to create and complete up-to-date furniture collection with respect for the traditional cabinet maker handcraft.


Safety & Warranty Information

The Naver Collection proudly provides 2 years of safety and warranty for all their exclusive furniture.


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L200cm X W100cm X H74cm
L240cm X W100/120cm X H74cm
L100cm X W50cm
L100cm X H74cm
L120cm X H74cm


Each extension measures at L50cm x W100cm each


Available in: Soap Oak, White Oiled Oak, Lacquered Oak, Oiled Oak, Soap Ash, White Oiled Ash, Black Ash, Walnut



The duo Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are both qualified cabinet makers that are best known for exquisite storage solutions.