Gravity Table Lamp

Scandinavian Perfection

Available in two sizes and a myriad of bases


The Gravity Table Lamp is a luxurious Gubi design that is both subtle and strong in design. While it has a simple construction, a closer look will reveal intricate details that allows the lamp to stand out from the crowd.


Other than the Gravity Table Lamp, the Gravity Collection also includes the Gravity Floor Lamp.



Gubi’s designs are easily recognisable from their competitors as they possess a unique style that is hard to replicate elsewhere.


Safety & Warranty Information

Gubi offers a 24 month warranty for the purchase of their delightful designer furniture and lighting solutions.


Designer Lighting Solutions

The Lighting Collection in Danish Design Co contains a myriad of lighting solutions that have been designed to awe our valued customers.

Small – Shade Dimension: Ø30×20 cm | Lamp Height: 49 cm | Cord Length: 200 cm
Bulb: 470 Lumen (≤ 40W incandescent ≤ 30W halogen, ~ 5-6W LED


Large – Shade Dimension: Ø41×29 cm | Lamp Height: 65 cm | Cord Length: 200 cm
Bulb: 810 Lumen (≤ 60W incandescent ≤ 46W halogen, ~ 8-10W LED


Shade – Finish and Material: Canvas, White
Base – Black Marble, White Marble, Grey Marble, Black Steel



Space Copenhagen has established a strong identity in the realm of interior design, particularly in the hospitality and luxury sectors.


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