Outdoor Dining Tables

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Outdoor Dining Tables

Bask under the Singapore sunshine with our luxury outdoor dining tables – designed to be weather-proof, durable and so much more. Visit our outdoor furniture showroom today!

Beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables

A frequent hoster of parties? Especially barbeques? Then you would most definitely need one of our outdoor dining tables or an entire outdoor dining set. Unlike most of our competitors, some of our outdoor dining table models are extendable! This means that you will not have to expend as much time and effort setting up additional seating space around your outdoor dining table for your many guests. In addition, can you imagine the wonder on their faces when you show them how the extending mechanism works? Our range of outdoor dining tables are also available in different sizes and shapes such as round, rectangular and oval, and in different materials such as solid teak and high-quality bamboo. Plenty to choose from to find one that will suit your design tastes and outdoor decor. 


One of these dining table designs is the Selecta Outdoor Dining Table by Diphano. The Selecta Dining Table can be accompanied by a high dining table, which is perfect for those who would like a perch when sampling wine and finger food available at your gatherings.

Even if you do not host parties frequently, a dining set with durable, outdoor table and chairs is useful for more intimate family gatherings. In Singapore, we utilise a lot of spices and oils in our cooking. When cooking indoors, there is the danger of lingering smells on your indoor furniture. However, you will not have this problem if you eat outdoors!

Done exploring our oval, rectangular and round outdoor dining tables? Why not see what else we have to offer in our durable, high-quality outdoor furniture collection!