Delphi Sofa

Scandinavian Luxury Redefined

Available in Fabric & Leather; Gorgeous Silhouette


Swiss Designer Hannes Wettstein created the Delphi Sofa shortly before his passing. In the short ten years since then, the Delphi Sofa has grown to become one of the most iconic designs of the modern era. With its clean and sleek design, it is hardly a surprise. Naturally, each Delphi Sofa is constructed with the use of the highest quality raw materials Erik Jørgensen can procure.


The modular Delphi Sofa is available in the following configurations: 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, 4-seater sofa & above and L-shaped sofa. This exquisite design is also available as a daybed, which has been aptly named the Delphi Daybed.


The Delphi Sofa is the most popular in its leather rendition. If you’re wondering how you maximise the allure of the Delphi, we recommend pairing it with an equally exquisite coffee table, such as the Island Coffee Table by Eilersen.


Do check out the 4-seater Delphi Sofa model that’s on sale.



This luxury furniture brand is well known for creating designs that are simple but elegant. Their timeless pieces never fail to capture the attention of furniture shoppers, including those that are hardest to please.


Safety & Warranty Information

All designer furniture created under the Erik Jørgensen brand come with a 5 year warranty.


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Delphi Sofa Infosheet

Available in Fabric & Leather



Hannes Wettstein is an immensely successful designer who, unfortunately, passed away at the pinnacle of his career. The Delphi Sofa, which was designed shortly before his death, has grown to become one of the most popular designs under the Erik Jørgensen brand.



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